Amplifying Minds

Learning and Growing Together


Hi, I’m Paula White, a veteran teacher and I believe all children should have a say in their lives, in their learning, in whatever they are involved in and whatever they do.  They should not only have a  voice, but also choice–important choices, not just what tool to use to present, or whether to use markers or crayons. My career has been blessed–I have worked with some amazing educators and had some amazing experiences with ADEs, GCTs, DEN STARs, Fablevision Ambassadors, and people who are none of those things, but amazing in their own right and being.  I am who I am because of the incredible people with whom I interact–online, at conferences, and in my classroom, school and county. I am deeply indebted to the many students, colleagues and transparent learners who have helped amplify my mind as I have watched and observed their learning. I especially honor those who opened their hearts and minds to me–and who shared their thinking and listened as I have shared mine. I live in Virginia, in the USA, and am one lucky lady to have lived the life I have.

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