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Why Do We Read?

A transcript from my 4th and 5th graders answering that question on Today’s Meet.

Please take as many boxes as you need to describe why you read. Use a -> if you are continuing on another text box.

i read because it trains my brain by Gannon

You read because if you don’t get better, reading is one of the most important life skills by Matthew

I like to read because it is a great way to learn many new things. A great way to entertain yourself and it is my favorite subject. by Katie

I like reading because it helps your brain learn new words and it’s fun by Amber

I read because I can get knowledge and entertainment by Luke E.

I like to read because you can go anywhere you want if you can find the right book. by Eve

I love to read to make time go by. I also like to read because i use my imagination. by Emma W

I read because reading can educate you and also give you something fun to read. by sophia

Why do we read? There are a few reasons why i LOVE to read. First of all it is my favorite subject and i just like to learn new things -> by Luke M.

its also really fun when your on long trips or anything like that by Gannon

I read because I can go to another world and forget everything around. by maya

it helps you in so many ways, and you always need to be ready by Matthew

I read books so that I can learn about new things and learn more facts about things I already know. It is also my favorite subject. -> by Simrat

I read because I enjoy the excitment. by emilie

I read because I think its fun and if there is a word I do not know I get to learn it better by josie

Me to Emilie. by Eve

simrat i agree with you i like learning new things by Gabby

I agree Gannon by Emma W

I love to read becuase It take me to another world. What ever I read thats where I go! by Kailie R

I read for facts and fiction and to just sometimes get away from the real world and takes you into a world that is perfect for you. by Katie

the reason why i read is for fun and school but i like learning and i want to get in a good college so i can have a good life-> by Gibbs

and I just LOVE to read! by Amber

For one example National Geographic blows my mind from what I learn from it. Also reading just is a fun and good way for you to learn. by Luke M.

You need to be ready for tests, problems, books, and just real life by Matthew

I like to read because it’s fun to follow the action and adventure of the book. by Harrison

reading is also just plain fun and exciting in many diffrent ways by Gannon

I agree amber by josie

I like to read because there are at least a million different that I could read. by Keaton G.

Amber I love to read too by Katie

I read because it is like music you are i a different world!!! I love mystery’s, novels, and much, much more William. by Bella J

reading makes you have ideas by josie i read because its fun and it makes time go by and it can be really exciting by isabella

The reason we read is to learn new things or to entertain our selves. by David

I also love to read it is my favorite thing to do I mostly read when I have the time to by Kailie R

I like reading a lot so I can learn new words. by spencer

I enjoy reading because you can learn about different things if its non-fiction. If its fiction I like to read to enjoy it and usually I -> by Emily S.

The reason why I read is because it can take you into an other world its magic by Kendra O.

I also read books because there are all kinds of books, and not just one. There are comic books, fact books, chapter books, picture books -> by Simrat

Me to amber by Matthew

There are many reasons why I read The first one is because it is fun. The second reason is you get knowledge every time you read. The third> by Wyatt

reason is that if you do know how to read you could not drive and other things like that. by Wyatt

ya i agree with amber and katie because is so fun by Gabby

because they want to have fun! by Gannon

And everybody reads because why? by Gannon

Reading is one of the ways that i find cool. When i get into a book its like a movie that i’m watching in my head. by Luke M.

me 2 Amber by Kendra O.

I like reading because you can go into the world of your book. And forget everything around you. by maya

Reading is fun cause there are all kinds of types of books. by Emma W

I also like to read because there are so many books you can choose from. by Eve

ya eve by josie

yep Eve, and a bunch of genres and stuff like that by Gannon

the reason I love to read is is because I love to imagine what it is unlike in a movie were you just the see the people. by Laurel C.

I like to read also because if you don’t like one choice you can read another. by emilie

I agree with Emma W. by David

still learn something even though that’s not what it is specifically for by Emily S.

Emilie, i also love to read because you have so much information. I especially like books when they are discriptive by Bella J

Emilie I agree with you about reading because you enjoy the exciting things that can happen in a book. by sophia

I agree Eve by Emma W

Reading is my favorite subject because it helps you learn and there are so many things to read. by Keaton G.

I like to read because you can learn and use your imagination by Reagan S.

I like to read because it gives you ideas and it just plain fun and it is one of my favorite things to do by Ella

Reading is also my Favorite subject!!! by Eve

One of the reasons you need to read is because if you don’t know how to read, you are going to get NOWHERE in life by Matthew

i agree with emma W. by isabella

what i like about books is that if you find a book you really really love than you want to read it all day long by Gabby

Reading is a great way to spend time instead of watching tv pick up a good book and just learn more. About fairies or someone elses life or by Katie

true mthew true by josie i like reading because you learn new words. books will help you with life.books like: textbooks, a dictionary, a book for school, or for fun by Abby p.

i bet everybody has read at least one book in life because of what matthew siad by Gannon

I read for entertainment and for fun. I also read when I am tiered and board. by William R.

Learning about things you didn’t know by Katie

I would read 80 mins if I get the chance. by spencer

it can help you in life if you know how to read by Ella

i mean mathew by josie Reading can sometimes be boring but usually its fun by Emily S.

I like to read because it also helps me think of writing ideas. by maya

I love to read also Amber and reading is something that I think everybody should enjoy! by sophia

Also you need to read because that’s something you need to know in life by Reagan S.

Stories are Amazing I love them my Favorite type of books are fiction, folk, and fairy tales by Kailie R

yes thats true Reagan s by Gabby

<-and i like the words there sometimes easy somtimes hard thats what i like. to train my brain also by Gibbs

I agree with Mathew by Eve

i agree reagan. by maya

Same here William by spencer

I read because 1. the ability is needed to pass school 2. it’s very enjoyable 3. you can’t live without it. If you can’t read you wont -> by Brayden

get a job to pay for your house and food. by Brayden

and other types of books. I also read because you can enjoy whatever the book is about. Also, you can make your own book, and sometimes -> by Scimitar

thats true maya by josie

books are knowledge fun and so much more by Gannon

thats very true Gannon by Gabby

I like read because I get to learn things that sound fun, it is entertaining and it is endless because there is so much to read. by Jade

My favorite is writing books not only reading them. by emilie

Books also help you learn and I just love reading! by Katie

i agree with matthew reading does get you no were by Gibbs

true Katie by Gannon

I agree Jade by Reagan S.

I’m agreeing with alot of people by Kailie R

Brayden i like the way you worded that out by Gabby

i agree with jade by isabella

A summery to my last post is you would get nowhere if you could not read. by Wyatt

Wyatt I totally agree by Emily S.

If it’s a good story, I don’t get tired of reading it. by Harrison ->

I love to read because its so fun I do not even no what to say its just so fun by Laurel C.

Fiction is my favorite type of book is fiction by Luke M.

In some cases reading can be a challenge and takes-> your imagination far far away. by Emma W

I agree Harrison by Reagan S.

I LOVE to read. Its fun and it helps you learn things. by Matthew

I agree with Harrison. by David

Harry Potter is a great book. by spencer

and i agree spencer by Matthew

i like to read cause it makes you feel like your in another demension by josie

reading is an exiting journey from page to page of excitement and entertainment by Luke E.

I like to read fiction books. What kinds of books do you like to read? by Eve

reading is the way you learn if you can’t read it is really hard to learn. reading is all around you. by maya

i agree Luke E by Gabby

I agree mtthew by Luke M.

i agree Luke E. by isabella

real books can give you ideas. Another reason is that it is fun to read and kills time in a good way, instead of sitting on a couch. -> by Simrat

if its good i read it for about 2 hours or more its good why stop reading by Gibbs

i agree matthew by josie

There’s so many books out there and countless hours in your life why not use one of those hours to read? by Katie

i agree josie by Gabby

I agree Luke .E. by Bella

I KNOW that i have read more than a hundred books in my life because i love going to different worlds in story’ Bella J

maya that is really true and i really like how you worded it by Gabby

and everybody here has read at least 5 books am i right? and we should have a goal to do that if we haven’t! by Gannon

you can solve a crime play quitage travel to Narnia or be a pasenger on the titanic with reading there are no limmets by Kendra O.

I like to read because if you have to do a project for school then you could go read and then you could have an idea. by Keaton G.

i like to read fiction to eve by josie

Sorry Matthew miss type by Luke M.

i love to read it is fun because if it is a fiction books it is like a brain but on paper so you never forget your knowledge by Ella

Eve i like to read adventurous books. by maya

Me to Josie. by Eve

I like writing books because it is the same amount of exitment. by emilie

whenever i read a book that i really like i can imagine what it would look and sound like by Abby p.

My favorite type of books are fantasies because they usually have the most adventure. by Harrison

I agree with Matthew it is really fun. by Brayden

Life is important. Reading is one of the steps to getting older by Matthew

In books you can learn about the past or about what you want to do in life by Katie

i agree with mattew by Gibbs katie how many books have you read this year you think? by Gabby

i agree abby p by Ella

Kendra you are so right. by Bella J

It is also good entertainment if you are bored. That is why I like to read. by Simrat

I think that reading can also inspire you to learn things maybe in the past you did not want to learn, but if you learn it without -> by Emily S.

i think reading is a very inportant thing by Ella

It’s a good way to help you on picturing things in your head! And it’s a good thing to do if your just board by Amber

Reading is my second favorite subject. My first favorite subject is math. by William R.

my favorite book is diary of a wimpy kid by Luke E.

I agree Katie. by Brayden

I like action books. by spencer Fairy tales make me think that ‘m in the storie too! Does anybody else do that too? by Kailie R

i agree amber by Ella

my mom always has to tell me to turn off the light at 11 o’clock. by maya

I agree Matthew by Reagan S.

i like to read realistic fiction. by Emma W

me to ella by Amber

sorry i spelld it wrong Matthew by Gibbs

That is one of my favorite books, Luke E. by Simrat

I like fantasy and historical fiction by Matthew

i like the book diary of a wimpy too luke e by Gabby

In the book Claws you never know what type of magical creature may poop out next. by sophia

What is your guys favorite type of book. by Luke M.

I like books also about the future!!! by Bella J

Gabby: Plenty books and I am going to read many more! by Katie what is your fav book. by maya

me 2 kielie by Kendra O.

whenever i start reading a book i can’t stop reading! by isabella

everybody has a diffrent favorite genre .you could like fiction, non-fiction, biographes, Historical fiction and so much more! by Gannon

i love to read like a lot of people by josie

my favorite book is keeper. by emilie

I’m reading early thunder for ms. white by Luke E.

I like harry potter books by Amber My favorite type of book is fantasy kind of book by Laurel C.

ha good respond katie by Gabby

I like the kane cronicles. by gavin

Well maya i just cant choose by Katie

My Mom has to make me stop reading almost every night. by David

Thank you Gabby by Katie

I agree harrison that fiction has lots of good adventures by Jade ya what is your favorite book katie? by Gabby

Also why i read is because some times books are better then movies because books you get to imagine the story in your head by Wyatt

same here, david. by gavin

knowing it it can be a whole lot more fun by Emily S

. My favorite book is the fighting ground by Avi right now, from MS. White by Simrat

I like the Kane chronicles to Gavin. by David

Same with me David and then during the day my Mom says read read read! by Katie

my favorite series is magic treehouse by Luke E.

d by Wyatt

I like harry potter, the bone series, and the percy jackson by Matthew

katie whats your favorite book by Gabby

Gavin I LOVE the kane chronicals by Emily S.

And mostly, i like books because they help us learn. you could learn math,science,Spelling, etc. by Gannon

oops by Wyatt

Reading is a great way to learn by Katie

i agree with katie by Gibbs

When I’m on the computer my parents always say read! by Luke M.

I don’t know Gabby by Katie

ya it really is katie like the way you think by Gabby

Me to katie by Matthew

There are some books that you just never want to end. Have you ever read a book like that? What is it? by PW

me to luke m by Gibbs

Yes by Katie

i like the K C to by Wyatt

What’s your favorite genre of books? by Simrat

whats everyones favorite book by Emma W

there are many different kinds of books: fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, adventure, relistic fiction, historical fiction and others by Abby p.

i prefer reading in my head than out aloud by Luke E.

I love the Harry Potter series. by David

Fiction Simrat by Luke M.

OH YEAH!! by gavin

Reading is an amazing way to exercise your brain by Katie

i like war of the worlds so far emma by Gibbs

I like fiction the most. by David

i agree luke E. by isabella

Simrat, my favorite type of book is mystery and informational books by Emily S.

my favorite book is the book, Hidden by Abby p

. i really like the book wonder that i’m reading. by Emma W

whoops. by gavin

i like all the 3 Rick Riordan seiries and i have read them all including Kane chronicles, The last olimpian and the other ones by Gannon

katie do you like non fictional books like biographys and learning books? by Gabby

Emma Wonder Is a GREAT book by Luke M.

Ooh, good comment, Luke E–I wonder how many of us would prefer to read silently rather than out loud? by beginningquestion

That is why Reading is amazing by Katie Luke M whats your fav series by Matthew

i like nonfiction war books ps like reading alone by Gibbs

i love the book wonder. to emma by maya

Would you rather read by yourself, or with a buddy, or reading to a group by Simrat

I like the hunger games series does anybody else by Wyatt

i read silentley by Gannon

I like to read in my head. by David

I rather read outloud when I am alone by Katie i like reading at my own pace by Gabby

Thats interesting, Katie by Matthew \

I like reding by myself by Wyatt i like to by me self simrat by isabella

I would have to agree on Luke E. I am a better reader when i read in my head. by Luke M.

I think reading is amazing because it exercises your brain and is a fun way to do so by Katie

same why do you like reading in your head david by Gibbs

im putting another question out, who reads books that have a series and people who dont read books that have a series by Gannon

percy jackson is a great series! by gavin

My favorite series is the Gregor books but now i cant read them anymore because there is no more reading time in our class. by Brayden

wich do you like better: reading with a buddy, silently, out loud, or with group by Abby p.

Wyatt–I really liked the stories, the characters and how they interacted, but I didn’t like the violence. Did you see the movie? by MsWhite

I read fast or slow depends how good the book is’ by Matthew

what kinds of books do you like to read. by maya

I also liked the Underland Chronicles, Brayden by Simrat

When ever i read out loud i make mistakes that i dont notice in my head. by David

i read at home. by maya I like fiction by Wyatt war books maya by Gibbs

i prefer reading silently because if are thinking you can stop but when you read out loud you have to keep going by Emma W

Ms. White- Reading is my favorite subject by Katie

Same hear Matthew by David

has anyone read wonder-struck? by gavin


My favorite genre is adventure by Simrat

fiction historical fiction by Matthew The Gregor series is awesome. by David

I feel more concentrated when there is no noise and when i have no home work by Luke E.

Fiction Wyatt by Luke M.

And it dosn’t disturb other people by Emma W

fiction is gonna have the most comments by Gannon

i like fantasy Wyatt by maya

i like marvel comic books so much action and good stoires by Gibbs

who likes to read when it is silent. And who likes to read when there is some noise by Abby p.

i like wonder struck if anyone hasnt read it i would suggest that by Gabby

I have Gavin and I think is an amazing book and I love how it uses pictures. by Katie

Magical adventures I like or just weird mysterious fiction. by Luke M.

Gavin, Wonder struck is a great book. by David

wierd mysteery lucas by Gibbs

Has anyone ever read Out Of My Mind? by Katie

another question, who reads books for fun and who reads books because there suppose to? by Gannon

I like reading when it is silent abby by Simrat

What is everyones favorite authors? mine is Rick Riodran, he is the author of the Kane chronicles, The Hero’s Of Olympus, Jackson series. by Emily S.

yes i love him by Matthew

me to Luke E by Gannon

I hate reading when it is noisy by Luke E.

so do i luke.e by Gibbs

i like rick riordan to emily. by maya

I like both Gannon by Emma W

i have read out of my mind,its awesome katie by isabella

Has any body read a book called ship breakers by Wyatt

I love Rick Riordan. by David

me too luke E by Emma W

I think that mine would probably be Jeff Kinney, Emily. by Simrat

rick rordian is the best writer EVER! by gavin

honestly i dont put my self to one catogory by Gabby

I like rick rio by Matthew

Me too Luke E. because I cant think straight and I have to go back! ( When I read when it is noisy) by Katie

I like R R by Wyatt Also the Septimus Heap books were really cool! by Brayden

what series or books do you recommend by Abby p.

i like susan collins cause shes very descriptive by Emma W

harry potter by Matthew

What is your favorite seiries by Simrat

I prefer to read in quiet spaces and I like to read out loud quietly sometimes. by Emily S.

Who agrees with me that everybody in here overpowers all other genres because they like fiction by Gannon

i like harry potter time to time its take a long time somtimes and its fun by Gibbs

i’m reading that series brayden by Abby p.

has anyone here read redwall? by gavin

Bye by Wyatt

i rocomend the percy jackson series abby. by maya

Septimus heap sireis is awesome. by David Percy Jackson rocks. by David

wonderstruck has amazing works of art in it by gavin

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