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I have always loved the quirky kids–the ones who are what I call “odd ducks.” It’s one reason I hate the phrase “instructional tolerance.” I just don’t believe anyone should be “tolerated” for being who they are.

So I blogged about that about a month ago, as our county has initiated a series of “pathways” teachers are supposed to explore and one is “instructional  tolerance.” The definition of that pathway is

 Supports a learning environment where active, engaged learners routinely choose from a variety of learning spaces, collaborative and individual activities, and technology tools, including their own personal devices; values students having opportunities to learn best practices essential to entering contemporary learning and work environments and enables students to sustain an open mindset and skillset in the use of evolving technology tools.

I’m not sure why that is tolerance at all. Sounds simply like good education to me. But I did find out I’m not the only one who has an issue with “tolerance” as part of that pathway.

However, I don’t want to revisit that post.

I want to propose another word.  And I found the word (I think).

How about championing learners”?

Supports a learning environment with active, engaged learners”….”values students”….”enables students”…”learners choose”….

I think all of those are ways to champion learning, don’t you?

For me, it’s not about the instruction, but about the learning….and what we do to NOT get in the way, but instead support and scaffold and sustain and encourage and promote and find value in and have compassion for and show passion about and share opportunities to… learn.

I’ll be exploring what I mean by that phrase in the next post and maybe more after that…Join me on that journey if you want.

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