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There are a lot of ways right now to talk about using technology in the classroom.  I guess there always have been, but my favorite at the moment is about technology enabling learning that is different–learning that allows for deep understanding and envisioning. It’s about learners using the technologies in ways that enable choice, creation, collaboration, creativity, and making in the pursuit of understanding.

Is the learner using the technology for consumption, creation, entertainment, what? Because it’s what the learner does with the technology that makes the learning meaningful and useful or not.  I think it’s important that we all share with one another what our kids are doing.

Can learners in your school use the technology in ways that enable them to learn more deeply, and in better ways than without it?  Or, do teachers and students simply use technology  as an electronic worksheet, word processor, or video/game machine?

Does your school allow the kids to envision new ways to use it, or are they stifled?  Can teachers use technology in innovative ways to move beyond lecturing, powerpoints and being the sage on the stage?

In this day and age, learning can be enabled by technology, and/or it can be accomplished without it. But, given a chance, teachers and students can set up learning episodes where the technology enables the learners to go further, deeper and faster in ways that have not been possible before.  And I think it’s important that we all share with one another what our kids are doing.

How are you using the technologies you have to enable learners ?

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