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Good teachers have always had comfy areas in their rooms, complete with a variety of seating, pillows, beanbags, etc. This big deal about redesigning learning spaces, though, IS a big deal–cause at least in our county , it comes with money to do some of those things that, in the past, have come out of teachers’ pockets. Teachers are decorating their rooms with seating choices, we’ve gotten new tables and chairs in many classes, and our library and our “Wonder Lounge” have some funky new furniture. One whole wall of our Wonder Lounge is idea paint, and our principal has already taken a bunch of pictures of different classes using it.

In fact, she tweets out pics all the time of our school activities and classrooms.  To get a feel for our school, follow @gcrummie on Twitter, and check out all the pictures she tweets.  We also populate both our kid account, @Crozetkids and our school account, @CrozetElem, as well as a Facebook page, a website and several of us here at Crozet are  bloggers, and even more of us participate on Pinterest and Facebook.  I would say many of our teachers are pretty connected, overall. But I have to give credit to Ms. Crummie for being the most faithful about blogging about school–she really uses hers to keep the community informed (  Check here for some great pictures of our new-to-our-school-community spaces and places!

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2 thoughts on “Places and Spaces

  1. Would you and the folks in your district who are recreating their learning spaces be willing to share pictures on a tumblr dedicated to beautiful school spaces? We’d love to have more pictures to offer teachers as they are starting out or as they want to rethink their space. The idea came out of a session at Educon last year.

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