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Last year I was doing some demonstration lessons in my 2nd grade classrooms and we decided one of our first ones would be based around Dot Day. This is a day many, many educators celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration.  It’s based on Peter H. Reynolds’ The Dot, a book about a young girl whose teacher encourages her to “make her mark.”smDot

Since Dot Day is a Sunday this year, my school is celebrating it tomorrow.

I’ll be heading into second grade again to do a great lesson using the thinking routine, See-Think-Wonder.

We based a series of  lessons around dots–and our first lesson was one of perspective and looking closely at artistic endeavors using dots. I found some great dot art for the kids to wonder about and explore and I created this page of pictures.

We would show one picture, such as this:


and ask the kids, “What do you see?”  In this routine, this part is for them to be very literal, describing what is in the picture.

Then we ask, “What do you think?”  Here, they can become fanciful, predictive, thoughtful, whatever, but here is where they often make connections to their prior experiences.

Then we ask the kids, “What do you wonder?”  Sometimes we ask that BEFORE clicking on the picture and sometimes after–because if you click on each of the pictures, you go to another version of what they have been exploring and wondering about.

The ooohs and ahhhs are awesome to hear!

Want to have some fun wondering today?  Go check them out!





click on the picture,

then wonder some more!

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