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I Write For Myself

I write to think through what I am feeling.

I write to understand.

I write to reflect on behaviors, events and processes.

I write to find out what I have to say.

I write as a way of sharing myself.

I write to question…myself, life, events and behaviors, other people, the meaning of anything and everything.

I write to learn.

I write to play.

I write to be silly….or serious….or sad….or happy…..

I write to make sense of our world.

I write to be heard. (sometimes)

I write to be introspective. (sometimes)

I’d like to interact around my thoughts and yours.

If you don’t want to read me, or know me, or think with me, or write with me, don’t.

I don’t expect you to tell me what is good for me or not when it comes to writing.

I am a writer.

I am a thinker.

I write to think.

I write for myself.

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