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Bucket Brigade…or is it?

Today many of our Crozet Elementary kids participated in a piece of history making.  You see, our small town has been building a new library all summer and it is due to open this week.  BUT, all the books weren’t moved yet, so someone had a brilliant idea–instead of hiring professional movers, involve the community!

So, today we had a “Book Brigade” where kids and community members lined up and passed books from one hand to another, while people inside our new library shelved them as they reached the door.  And, even cooler, it not only was tweeted out (and made the old-timey TV news as well), one of our main proponents for the new library, @janekulow,  STORIFIED the pictures and tweets.  Check it out here!

I get to work with those adorable (and smart!) kids every day….Aren’t I the lucky one?


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.15.25 PM

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