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emails come unexpectedly.  Today I got one from a former student who is entering high school next week.  When he was in fifth grade, that particular group of kids really got into conversations about what school should be like.  I’ve continued to keep up with Nicolas, and he’s continued to think about school each year as he enters a new grade and encounters various school situations. He’s done a guest blog on the Cooperative Catalyst blog, as well as present (by himself) at the k12online conference (as a sixth grader.)  He’s helped out every year but one since fifth grade at our New Teacher Academy, sharing his wiki and talking with new teachers about being connected.  Today’s email shared the latest page he’s made on his wiki about “Reimagining School.” It’s pretty impressive thinking. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The Best…

  1. Lots of thought went into that wiki page. It’s an impressive look at what matters to a thoughtful and inventive student. Thanks for highlighting it, Paula!

  2. I agree. Nicolas is very thoughtful and has the same feelings as I do on his vision. I agree more technology and not as much testing. Cheers to him. Now can we get him to speak at all Administrator’s Academy’s.

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