Amplifying Minds

Learning and Growing Together

Why “Amplifying Minds”?

Well, I think those of us who are in the classroom walking the walk need to share what we are doing–and for months I’ve been trying to figure out a short way of saying what it is I think I do. I thought about molding, or changing, or guiding and lots of others, but when I went looking for synonyms of one of those I found amplifying.  For me, that is it…because one of my priorities in working with kids is to be there to support them and to ask questions that will take them beyond their initial thought and/or idea. It’s not about what goes on in my mind, but what goes on in theirs–and the real test as to whether I have been good for them is to see if their thinking has grown or changed while working with me.

Example: Blaine writing about her thinking

Blaine’s post said her thinking has changed.  What an honor, to have that impact.



Addendum–August 7, 2013.  I just got an email from Blaine.  Here are a few excerpts:

I wish I could still have you as a teacher, your way of teaching made me think deeper and it gave me different perspectives and views of certain topics.

I often find my self looking back and remembering our fish bowl conversations, the artifact project and the notebooks you gave us to write to you daily and you would write back to us. I always loved going out to your car in the morning. For some reason it made me feel special.

… you have had a huge impact on my life. I thank you for that.

And, she’s getting chickens in a couple of week and gives me partial credit for that.  You truly never know where your influence begins or ends, do you?

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2 thoughts on “Why “Amplifying Minds”?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thinking. I like the very short format, aimed at classroom teachers. I recently started a blog and think it needs to get shorter and more focused. I’ll be following you on my Feedly. Greetings from Vermont!

  2. Thanks, Lauren. Appreciate the feedback. I’m hoping to document a lot of what I do here. We all need to get better at sharing so we all can get better with the learners! Looking forward to your participation here!

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